1) K. J. Security Systems operates between the hours of 9.00a.m. To 6.00p.m. subject to alteration by us, MON-FRI, except for Statutory and Common Law, Public and National Holidays, thereafter on EMERGENCY call-out ONLY.  Any call-out made during normal working or out of hours, an appointment time will be made and call-out will be incurred.

A 24 hour service will be provided to customer calls when notified of a derangement in the alarm system.

2) Any negligence / incompetence / or break-in / or failure in power source (External electrical supply) by customer, a call - out charge for faults which were caused by customer will be enforced.

3) The total price is the priced agreed with the customer by the letter, henceforth to carry out installation to the premises. Any alteration / additional equipment requested by customer without prior knowledge, required will be additional cost. To carry out installation, note; carpets / floorboard will be lifted (depending type of premises) and will be put back with care and attention. (We are not carpet fitters). The Customer shall be responsible for any reinstatement or redecoration.

4) A deposit of is required for initial charge of installation and final payment must be made on completion of work..(Note payment to be paid within 5working days or written agreement by customer).

5) The alarm system shall become the property of customer (owner), on the completion date provided all payment have been fully paid. (Note: Cheque/s must have been cleared: Any surcharges brought by Banks / Building Societies / or any other form, customer will pay additional cost toward total cost of installation). The equipment shall not be sold, pledged or removed from premises or otherwise dealt with in any manner (whilst under this Agreement) in consistent with the rights ownership of the company.

6) If the customer shall commit any breach of this Agreement or if any payment shall not be made on its due date, the company may by or after service of any notice, terminate this Agreement and forthwith repossess the company equipment. Termination shall be without prejudice to the company right to recover any sum due by the customer to the company or any damages payable in respect of any breach by the customer of this Agreement.

7) The equipment is Guaranteed for 12 months (Parts & Labour). If an annual service is required, for each year thereafter, a Maintenance Contract must be taken out every year, and an annual fee paid every year for this service.

8) The customer:

  1. Shall notify K. J. Security Systems of any defect appearing in the equipment and shall permit to take necessary steps to remedy such defect. K.J. SECURITY SYSTEMS SHALL HAVE NO LIABILTY FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS OR DAMAGE INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOSS OF PROFITS OR OTHER FINANCIAL LOSS.
  2. Shall be responsible for any loss of or damages to the alarm system unless such loss or damage is caused by the negligence of the company or its servants / or sub-contract and shall indemnify the company in respect of the cost any work required to be carried out to the alarm system.
  3. Shall notify K. J. Security Systems of any proposed structural alterations to the premises or any modification, which may effect operation of alarm system.
  4. Should not permit any other person to repair / replace / or in anyway interfere with system / or any part of it.
  5. Shall pay for the cost of any work required to be carried out to the equipment and materials thereafter or any attendance by the company at the Premises, which may be required by the Police, Fire, or any other authority.
  6. Shall reimburse K. J. Security Systems of any charges made by the Police, Fire, or any other relevant authority, including emergency calls.
  7. Shall make and pay for such arrangement with any British Telecom or other authority, as may necessary in connection with the K. J. Security Systems.
  8. Should be aware from time to time to be adequately and suitably insured of their premises or property thereon and will be maintained such insurance against due to
    burglary, theft and similar risk. The company has no special knowledge of the nature and the value of the premises or of the degree to which
    the premises and their contents will from time to time be exposed to risks. (This also applies during progress of installation).

9) If any failure by K.J. SECURITY SYSTEMS to perform any of its obligations here-under by reason of lockouts / labour disputes / weather conditions / traffic congestion’s, including private / public roads / highway constructions / whether of company’s employee’s or other parties / interruption of usual supply source or any other events or circumstances whatsoever beyond K.J. SECURITY SYSTEMS reasonable control, shall not be deemed to be a breach of this Agreement.

10) Delay in repairs, due to customer delay (no entry to premises, or lockout, strikes), or faulty parts (subject to burglary / theft / loss) or no provision of spare parts by suppliers, or any other events beyond K. J. Security Systems control, will not be held responsible.

11) K. J. Security Systems:

  1. May supply and fit adequate replacement part or component which are not same as part being replaced.
  2. Gives no undertaking that the system may not be comprised or circumvented or that the system will prevent losses, damage or injury by burglary / theft or otherwise.
  3. May assign all or any of its rights under this Agreement and perform any of its obligations through sub-contract.
  4. Reserve RIGHTS to change this Agreement from time to time; and make such charges, as it considers reasonable for labour (including travelling time) and material.

12) This Agreement is NOT Transferable.


KJ Security Alarms Cover The Following Areas:

  • Wembley
  • Mill Hill
  • Harrow
  • Kingsbury
  • Kenton
  • Stanmore
  • Pinner
  • Bushey
  • Northwood
  • Greenford
  • Rayners Lane
  • Rickmansworth
  • Ruislip
  • Eastcote
  • Ealing
  • Edgware