Background Lighting

KJ Security provide a full planning and installation service for security lighting to best serve the needs of your premises.

Lighting management systems can be supplied for all types of domestic or commercial properties.

Originally fitted to deter intruders, lighting systems now have additional uses for both courtesy and convenience.

Zoned systems can provide all round coverage and protection in the most cost effective way, with internal sounders giving advance warning of persons entering the protected area even in daylight.

Movement activated illumination of dark pathways, gardens, cark parks etc make visitors feel more secure immediately.

Extra lighting also improves the quality of your C.C.T.V images should you have a CCTV system.

Dusk to dawn applications with low wattage lamps give high visibility with low power consuption, the low cost answer to most lighting problems.

KJ Security Alarms are specialists in security lighting and security lighting systems, flood lighting and flood light systems.

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